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Arlene Williams - Broker/Owner- Vanquish Realty

Your Full Service Commercial  and Investment
Licensed Real Estate Broker in Nevada

          Vanquish Realty is a boutique real estate company specializes in commercial buyers and tenant representation in Nevada.  As real estate advisors, I am passionate and dedicated to understanding my clients needs and strive to deliver exceptional service.  My policy is to never represent landlords thus eliminating any conflicts that can rise when representing the interests of both sides.  It also ensures my undivided loyalty to you.  This approach, combined with my extensive experience, superior service and dedication to clients, sets me apart from other commercial brokerages.  

My exclusive buyer agency provides the following service:
  • I work exclusively for you, representing your best interest.
  • Discuss your requirements,budget and help you meet your investment objectives.
  • I have a comprehensive understanding of the local market and extensively search to identify the best property options.
  • Provide previleged access to properties throughout the Las Vegas Valley and our surrounding areas including Henderson.
  • Provide unbiased feedback and updates to ensure you stay up to date.
  • Research and perform a Comparable Market Analysis to establish fair market value.
  • I negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible price.
  • I coordinate relevant services such as attorney's and mortgage brokers, etc....

          Vanquish Realty aspires to be the best, not the biggest.  My focus is on growing with our clients to serve their ever-evolving needs and delivering tailored solutions to help clients undertake any real estate challenge, and create optimim, measurable outcomes.  

          Arlene Williams broker/owner of Vanquish Realty has honed her skills with over 25 years of experience representing single and multiple buyers and tenants find their ideal locations across the Las Vegas Valley.


  • Representative works exclusively for the Buyer or Tenant, not the Owner.

  • Clients receive objective evaluations of their alternatives, free from any bias, since the Buyer/Tenant representative has no interest in promoting one property over another.

  • Clients can achieve more leverage in negotiations as a result of their representative's expertise and ability to create a competitive environment between alternative owners and properties.

  • Representative offers state-of-the-art professional advise based on in-depth market knowledge and current experience, putting the Buyer or Tenant on an equal footing basis with professional, full-time owners or their listing agents.

  • Client's time is saved by not duplicating market research.

  • Pepresentative can obtain more reliable market information, since they are preceived by Owners and their agents as dealmakers, not prospects.

  • Clients receive objective evaluations of their alteernatives, not influenced by a listing company's own listings, or the owner's portfolio.

  • Clients often can obtain more concessions, greater lease or contract flexibility, and minimize hidden costs, because of the secialized knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the local market, key owners, or competitive offerings.

  • Confidentiality is maintained, limiting the danger of loosing key employees who may become alarmed about a move.

  • Costs affecting the transaction are professionally analyzed, documented and presented in a manner such that effective financial comparisons can be developed for the final decision makers.

  • The representative is both motivated (by the contingency fee) and able (by not being a principal) to create an on-going relationship of trust and integrity between the Client an the Owner, rather than an adversarial relationship that could otherwise occur.

  • Establishes single point coordination for search efforts, thereby reducing time loss, confusion, and potential conflicts that could result from an uncoorinated search.

  • The brokerage fee can be structured as an up-front business expense, rather than amortized over the life of the lease or the economic life of the building.

    Call today and let me represent you to be one of my Exclusive Buyers or Tenants !!


    Vanquish Realty
    Arlene Williams - Broker/Owner
    A Nevada licensed real estate broker
    7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 100
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

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